Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yesterdays outfit

Shoes H&M / Pants Sapp / Aviator Jacket H&M / Grey Jacket H&M / flower top H&M / Bag Unknown
Yesterday I had my best friends Sweet 16 party it was really awsome, I had lots of fun! But because of all the screaming and singing and because I allready had a cold I lost my voice, and I mean seriously I cant talk cause when I do it really hurts and my voice sounds so soft that it even sounds louder when I wisper :( But I'm goanna be fine I guess. Tonight I also had a sleep over at my best friend with a couple other friends it was really fun. Tonight I actually have to do my homework because tomorrow I'm going to Zanna. Btw I hope someone took pictures at the party,  if so I'll post them.

adios x


  1. What a cute outfit, love your hair! :)

    The Cat Hag

  2. love your outfit!! you jacket is amazing <3 and great photos!!

  3. cute outfit. that bag is gorgeous. I hope your voice is okay now