Saturday, April 2, 2011

Blogger Contest 2011

Dear Pretty Little readers,
Sometimes in life you let certain chances slipping through your fingers and try to ignore the mistake you're making. You know..., that little voice inside your head that is telling you how stupid you are for letting this go? This time I didn't ignore it when it told me to go for this. I love blogging and fashion is my life and there's no chance I'm letting it go, ever. Fashion is goanna be my future whatsoever, so I wanted to go for this and I applied to Urban Stiletto's Blogger Contest 2011! And how much I hate to ask you for favours I would really really appriciate if you would vote for me please. You can vote every 24 houres if you click on the banner. 

How to vote?

It's actually very easy to vote. You just click on the banner on top of this post en you'll get a screen (it's dutch) with the instructions. Underneath 'Ik stem op' what means in dutch 'I vote for' you fill in your name (naam) e-mail and Styleandthedark (in the box with 'Ik stem op...') to vote for me. You just have to repeat the box with the numbers and than click on 'verzenden' (send) and you're done!
If you voted for me thank you so so so so much! And if you want you can mabey tell some friends to vote for me too? haha just kidding, but that would be really nice though. Btw I still need 30 more followers till the giveaway! Make sure you do follow me if you like my blog! I can't wait for the givaway! Oh and you can only vote for me till the 16th of April so there's not much time left to catch up! Please help me!

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  1. Heb gestemd! haha, over 24 kan ik weer stemmen... zal proberen het te onthouden :)