Monday, April 4, 2011

30 days challenge: Day 2 - First Love.

Dear Little Readers,
Here is Day 2 of the 30 days challenge. It's actually kind of akward to tell you guys this because I don't know if anyone that I know for real will read this but I'm goanna tell you this anyway, I mean it's the past right? So I'll ask you guys something first... have you ever felt like you really belonged with someone in particular? Someone special that you thought you were ment to be with forever en always? I did... and eventhough it never was anything I still kept believing it would be someday, untill the day I realized that I had to give up eventough I didn't want to. When you really love someone as much as I loved this guy and he doesn't love you that way, you have to stop living in you own fantasy world and start facing reality because either way you'll get hurt. you only get to choose if you'll be lonely and sad forever by believing you'll end up together eventually or let him go and have a broken hart for awhile, then when you have all the pieces back together you'll start living your life again. At some point it's just gone, but feelings will allways stay. People say that at my age (15) people can't fall in love for real, well I could believe that... but I don't. I think people can fall in love at all ages but they all experience it differently. 
So... that was my story actually,

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