Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The meaning of something unknown

We all have to admit someday, that this world we all live in right now, sometimes is just a place to escape from the real world. In this world people dare to say, but still are afraid to speak up. Sooner or later they have to face reality and that will be the moment there will remain an awfull silence.
A world where a boy or a girl is perfect is his or her own way doesn't exist anymore. You either are perfect, or your not. And that's when life gets hard. You try to hide from those who make fun of you or the ones that don't even know you exist. They all make you feel like you're not smart, pretty, sexy, kind or good enough. But describe perfect. You'll will find that behind all the expectations of someone wanting to be perfect, you'll always find flaws. Because someone that can't be happy to be who he or she really is can and will never be perfect. So you can enjoy life by accepting who you really are or be miserable by tying to fight every single flaw. Life is too short not to embrace it and be happy.


  1. Hi! Ik heb een verassing voor je op mijn blog achtergelaten!

    xoxo, liefs Janna

  2. Lovely post, very inspiring. x