Wednesday, March 30, 2011

All the way

Dear Pretty Little readers,
I made lots of pictures today incluiding my todays outfit. It was anne's birthday today and we ate waffles with whipcream. And I bought a new top and I really really really love it!
Have a great day,

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Take a look in my wardrobe

Dear Pretty Little readers,
I promised a wardrobe post at friday and I did take pictures then but I didn't had enough time to actually upload them on blogger cause that took me like one hour so I did it today. You need to have some free time to actually watch all the pictures cause there're alot. Hope you enjoy the post, and I'm goanna run with my mom now. Stay tuned, I think mabey tonight I'll post Day 2 of the 30 days challenge.


 I wear these shoes alot! They're not original uggs but I don't care because they look the same and they fit the same ( havenly).

 This is the jewelry that I wear very often. Ofcourse I have alot more but I don't really wear it.

Cropped striped shirt H&M/ Gilet vintage/ Maxi skirt (dark grey) H&M

Black cape H&M/ Pink skirt (underneath) H&M

Skirt H&M

Cropped Lace top H&M

Maxi dress Monki

Blouse H&M/ Skirt (underneath) Monki

Jacket H&M

Vest Zeeman/ Dress Primark

Top Primark/ Jeans Vintage

Dress H&M/ Cardigan Bijenkorf

Basic black dress H&M

Denim shorts Primark

Beige tights Monki/ Black Jacket H&M

Top H&M

Sweater H&M

Oversized T-shirt H&M

Top H&M

Baseball Jacket Primark

Floral dress H&M

Baseball Jacket H&M/ Jeans H&M

Sweater H&M

Dress Primark

Dress Primark

Sweater H&M

Cardigan Primark

See Through blouse Primark

Oversized top Primark
Cutted Denim Jacket Primark/ Jumpsuit Primark

Top H&M

Sweater H&M

these two pics are my summer stash I didn't wear any of this in the winter so it's probably they're turn this summer, mixed with my new buys from march and july.