Sunday, April 10, 2011

30 days challenge: Day 7 - Your Best Friend

Hello lovely people,
Okay mabey you think it's kind of strange that I jumped from challenge day 2 to day 7 well, I have a reason for that. It's my best friends birthday today she turned 16 today so I thought that was kind of special.  We had lots of fun last night, we went out with a couple of other friends and I spend the night at hers. And can you believe this? she got a blackberry!! and a huge watch wich is really awsome! I'm so jealous of her!  Well I'm gonna introduce her to you: 
name: Nina
birthday: 10th april
BFF since: first grade ( that's like for 11 years! )
brothers/sisters: One sister, Pleuni.
Pets: Sjaakie (dog, Jack Russel) and Saar (cat, Black)
Hobby's: Horse riding, Singing and playing piano.

Well I could tell you so much more but I actually don't have the time for that, cuz I'm gonna go back partying now!

PS. don't forget to vote for me :) 

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