Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What's your religion

Hello pretty little readers,
I guess you were expecting a big new in post but; haha your'e not getting it. And don't tell me i'm mean cuz i'm not, and i'll tell you why. Well my friend maaike (the girl I went to the primark with) has, if may say so, beautifull pictures of some outfits I putted together with my new primark miracles, on her really amazing camara. so you ( and I) will have to wait untill she sends them to me. I guess i'm just goanna tell you todays adventure. Well let's start with, that we woke up (extremely) early, because her little sisters came downstairs at 7 am (we slept on the couches) . For them it was a regular wednesday (schoolday) after all. So we decided make some toast with melted cheese ( I loooooove that) and dress up for our primark adventure. We were so exited, because 1; we'd never been to Hoofddorp before and 2; We had both been to Primark only once and we just loved it. Primark is like, my religion. but anyways... After that we went to CS and I'd been texting my mom 'cause we didn't knew wich train and bus to take, so she told us. We bought ice cappucino at the kiosk and waited for our train, wich fyi was 5 min too late. But we didn't care cause we were going to Primark anyway! It was very crowded and in the train all the seats were taken, but luckley we needed to get out after a few stops anyway to get on another train to Hoofddorp. From Hoofddorp CS we had to take a bus (140) to Marktplein where btw not only the primark was but also lots of other stores like, H&M and The Sting. The Primark was not as empty as we thought it would be because it was a normal wednesday morning, and you don't expect that people would think: hmmm, let's take a day of school or work and go shopping at the primark. But luckly it was not that crowded because normaly at the primark, for example when I went to Rotterdam, the line to check out starts at the entrance of the store. And when I went to Rotterdam, all the nice shoes were gone and that was very frustrating. So this time it was very nice, we didn't have to wait in line and we could just fit our clothes without waiting half an our to get in a dressing room, where you btw can take only 8 pieces each time. After spending 2 hours in heaven, we went to the h&m 'cause maaike needed to get some tights and at the sting we both bought a stretching skirt (just regular black). We also had lunch at La Place (V&D), what was very yummie btw. After that we went home and we made lots of pictures in maaikes backyard (wich I'll post as soon as I can). And that dear reader was the end of my day allready. Now i'm just desperately waiting for maaike to send me those pictures. So stay tuned!

adios x

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