Thursday, March 24, 2011

30 days challenge: Day 1 - Introduce yourself.

 Dear Pretty little readers,
Today I start with the 30 days challenge. You can find the challenge > Here . As the challenge says: Day 1 - Introduce yourself, I will introduce myself. 

Well, as you probably allready knew, my name is Lisanne and i'm a fashion diehart, photographing, partycrashing, basketbal playing, dancing, singing and guitarplaying, fifteen year old blogger from the Netherlands
If I had to describe myself in one word it would be different. I have my one style and nobody can take that from me. I'm also a fashion freak, I design clothes ( I don't make them yet because I'm not really that experienced on the sewing machine) but I love drawing things that just come up to me. I want to go to a Fashion Academy. My first choice is the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam and my other choice is AMFI (Amsterdam Fashion Institute). 
Photographing is another big hobby of mine. Most of the time I'd rather be the one who is behind the camera than the one in front of the camera. 
I play basketball. Most people think i'm not the type for it, hell to yes I am. I love the game, eventough my condition is not as good as it was anymore. That brings me to dancing witch I do just for fun and for my condition. I don't take classes or something, eventough that's something I'd really want. I guess I'm just really into music because I sing and play guitar too. I even play piano, but only just a bit beacause I can't read sheet music. I've written many songs but most of them are just hanging by some moment when I felt depressed or really happy or when something was really bothering me, you know. So that makes the songs kind of personal. I guess music is my way of expressing how I feel and my way to want to let people know who I really am. And that's the same with fashion, my style is who I am and my designs express my feelings just like my music does. I guess I couldn't live without both of them.
Well I guess now you know me a little bit better, during this challenge you'll get to know me even more. I look forward to the next challenge day!


  1. wow that new challenge seems so much interesting! waiting for your next posts! kisses!

  2. Wat een mooi stukje! Wil de andere nu ook wel zien! :D