Saturday, March 5, 2011

dare to dream

Dear bloggers, as I allready told you many posts before, I am going to Taylor Swift's concert! I'm so exited because it's only 2 more days till her concert! I also wanted to tell you guys some very very very good news! I auditioned for my school music eve wich is called: ATC live. And guess what! I made it! and the best thing about all this is that I get to perform in 'De Vorstin' !! ( wich is only 2 min away from where I live) And that's where 'The voice of holland' was! How awsome is that?! So I'm am very exited for that to ofcourse. Today I have to work allmost the entire day so that's not so great, but at least I will make some money. stay tuned! 
adios x

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