Saturday, March 5, 2011

I wish, I wish...

 Dear fellow bloggers, another post after my day at work... Well since I'm going to Primark, Rotterdam on March 16th, I thought mabey I could make an actual wish list. I allready posted vans and oversized clothes before, but ofcourse thats not all. So this is my wishlist:

1. Bandana, I just love them! and since my hair has grown much longer I think it's goanna look awsome.
2. Wedges, I allready have one pair of wedges but I want or the ones with leopard print or the once were you can see your toes (together would be even more amazing).
3. Oversized hairy sweater, My friend Zanna has one from Monki and I think they look awsome!
4.Two finger ring (or whatever you call it),  They're awsome! Thumbs up for the one who discovered that!
5. Maxi skirt, I allready have one from the H&M but I want more!
6. Headband, just love headbands (:
7. Oversized tanktops, I've seen awsome once at H&M!
8. Denim shorts, just can't have enough of them!
9. Cropped tops, I love them with a print!

Tell me what you think and what you like/love/hate/don't like about my wishlist!
adios x

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