Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The new thing

Hello lovely readers!
I was in a very creative mood today and I thought there was something missing on my blog. Well as you can see, I made a new lay out! I'm pretty happy about the result! To be totally honest with you guys, I didn't make only one heather... I actually made eight of them, haha. So I guess when I'm bored with this one I'll change it. 
Today, btw, wasn't that special. Just a regular schoolday and I didn't make pictures today. I promised a wardrobe post and it's on his way I think it'll arrive at my blog at friday! This weekend, one of my best friends, zanna, is coming. She lives in amsterdam and that's not that close to where I live, so most of the time it's very hard to plan when we can see eachother. So I'm looking forward to it! Stay tuned,

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